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Your automower specialist offers you a perfect lawn

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the fully automatic lawn mower
You don’t have to lift a finger to get a perfect lawn

Entrust the maintenance of your lawn to a robot
installed by a professional


Your benefits

  • Forget the weekend or the return from the holidays which begins with a lawn mowing session
  • Tranquillity for you and your close relations thanks to a quiet and odour free lawn moving
  • A perfect lawn without bad grasses
  • Time released for your hobbies
  • Ecological and economic
  • Without danger for children or animals
  • No more waste transport to the dechettery
  • The grass is self fertilized, chemical fertilizer becomes superfluous
  • A fresh mowed lawn each day without raising the small finger

Our services

  • Implementation study on site
  • Free cost estimation
  • System delivery and installation
  • Personalized programming
  • User instruction
  • Adjustments check and refining after a couple of days
  • After sale service on site
  • Most used spare parts in service car
  • Wintering including pick-up, complete cleaning, battery, cutting system, bearing and general system check. Software update

You can also benefit from this technology,
do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration in your residence


To know some more

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Tél. +41 (0)21 791 38 80

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